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    I'm Sarah, the on location makeup artist behind SarahPaira! I paint the faces of future brides, touch their soul, make them look & feel beautiful. What woman doesn't want to feel beautiful! The confidence that a little makeup and some brushes can do for a woman is incredible. You want to feel good, and sometimes that starts with looking good. On a day where everyone is looking at you, I love the trust women give me to make them feel more beautiful.

    Wearing makeup does not mean having to look made up! For your big day glam it up with professional knowledge, & creative touch.

    Sarah Paira | 83,97,114,97,104,64,83,97,114,97,104,80,97,105,114,97,66,101,97,117,116,121,46,99,111,109moc.ytuaeBariaPharaS@haraS| 610. 283. 0856

Touch my Face Sooo, I was totally going to talk to you guys about my 4th favorite skincare product being MAC’s Fix + spray, but, nahhh.  Really, as much as I LOVE this stuff and for reals can’t live without it, I have stumbled upon an even more skin changing, life changing product.  Also, not […]

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