“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

This play ground rebuttal wasn’t true on the see saw and it’s not true now.


Why are we using words as weapons. Why are we trying to make each other feel worse than we already do? Why do we CHOOSE to suffer?! Why are we in contest with one another to see who can make the other person feel worse? That’s what these arguments have turned into once name calling gets brought in and the belittling begins.  I am so sad to see the internet trolling that is flooding our newsfeeds at miles a minute. We are becoming entirely desensitized and essentially dehumanized. Is technology stealing away our empathy? We hide behind these screens where we can so easily be confrontational and not bat an eye over the hate we spew. But how many of you would actually say these things to someone’s face? To a stranger’s face?! Tell me! And if you said you would, ask yourself why would you want to? It’s like we all have a bad case of road rage, where it’s so easy to emotionally explode at someone in the car in front of you, but if someone bumped into you on the street, you would likely tell them it was no problem at all. Think about that for a minute!

Have we always been filled with this much hate and now we have a shaded platform to exude it? I refuse to believe that. We are in pain. All of us. And it’s showing. But we can heal this. We are letting fear and ego get in the way of our capacity for healing ourselves and each other. We talk about ending violence but what about the emotional violence that almost always is a prerequisite to the physical violence? What are we teaching our innocent and psyche vulnerable children? How do we expect the future to improve if the younger, easily embellished generation is growing up in this world WE ARE CREATING.

WORDS CARRY WEIGHT, they carry energy. This is what’s surrounding your children when they are standing in a room listening to the news with you; when they are researching news articles for current events for their history class. Would you let your children or a child read/hear some of the things you or others are posting online?  And not just because it’s not age appropriate but because it’s JUST MEAN! How would you handle it if you found out they were teasing another child for their physical appearance or calling them names? What would you tell them about how we treat others? How can you expect them to listen to these age old moral lessons if the actions in the world they experience around them are not in alignment?

I truly believe that in this life we are all mirrors for one another; each reflecting back tests of patience, tests of love, tests of empathy, tests of character.  It’s time that we stop allowing hate a place in our mirrors. We must make the effort to not mirror hate. These reflections are crucial to the wellbeing of each of us. We all want to like what we see in the mirror, but how can we when our energies are contaminated with toxic, negative, and hateful energy? We create our realities. What we focus on grows, and that goes for both negativity and positivity, light and dark.

I’m starting to think that in the age of selfies maybe we actually aren’t looking in the mirror enough. Maybe we need to look in the mirror and look really hard, look past our physical appearances and look straight into our own eyes, into our humanity!  WE ARE ALL HUMAN. Now breathe. Drop your shoulders and ask yourself.. AM I BEING KIND? AM I BEING UNDERSTANDING? AM I BEING LOVING?

And if you haven’t, stop and forgive yourself. Vow to do better!




Next time you look at yourself in the mirror or in the reflection of a window- I hope you can remind yourself to spread love. If you look in the mirror and can see love, it will reflect onto everyone you come in contact with. MIRROR LOVE! Realize that we all are recognizing ourselves in other people, things you admire and things you dislike. When we can learn to see ourselves in everyone, that’s when true understanding and compassion occurs. If you want to be treated kindly, act kindly. If you want to see more love in the world, be love and spread love! This is how the universe works.

Ladies and men alike, I invite you to join us in the #mirrorlovemovement. Myself and my girlfriends will be lipsticking/ liplinering/ lip glossing/ eyelinering/ dry erase board markering every mirror we come into contact with, with just a simple heart. A reminder to live with love, to spread love. It’s just a subtle reminder, with huge benefits, that we choose what kind of energy we carry, what kind of thoughts we focus on. So choose love. It feels better, it sounds better, it looks better. It’s better for everyone especially for our children. When you had a long day and you walk into a public restroom I hope you find a heart on your mirror to remind you that love is there for you ALWAYS whenever you need it. And if you walk in and there isn’t one there, I hope you put one there.

Because when you walk into a situation in life that lacks love, IT IS in your power to put it there.

Be a reflection of love!

i love you.

sarah paira

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