July is here and as I announced last fall, I am about to conquer my last few weddings for my summer season. However, since then, I have found myself on a life adventure that has redirected my course.

I am SO SO SO happy and filled with YES YES YES about this decision, it’s time I share it with the rest of the world.

I am no longer moving, my bum is staying posted in PA because I am starting school HERE in the fall! Yup. College. Homework. MATH. I’m doing it. Nothing has ever felt more right!



SOOO what does this have to do with you beautiful people? I am re opening my book after I come home from Brazil in September!

I am so excited for life and I can’t wait to share all of this energy with you and take it out on your pretty little face 🙂

Thanks to to this newfound wisdom of self, I have never felt more passionate for the creative work I get to do, and share with girls and women! I feel like makeup has lead me here and I am excited to keep going and keep growing with you!

Thanks to everyone I have worked with! Thanks to the ones who I have met once and to the ones I have had the pleasure of working with again and again. I have the joy of being inspired by you every weekend at every wedding. I have met some of the coolest chicks on the planet! Women are awesome. This weekend I learned from the ever incredible Mama Gena, that

“Women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet.”

The TRUTH that pours out of those words! I get to live it.

I love hearing about your lives, your passions, and your fears. Thanks for letting your hair down and being vulnerable with me! Thanks to each of you, in some way, whether you know it or not, you have inspired me. Thanks for your friendship and though it may be sometimes short, for the community we get to share. Thanks for keeping me in PA! Thanks to your beautiful PA weddings, I have really woken up to all the beauty that lies outside of our doors everyday. For years I have said I hated PA. PA I AM SO SORRY, I LOVE YOU! I’m happy where I’m at.

Wooo and it feels good!

So let’s get married, let’s play makeup! Let’s do this! My planner is so excited to have some love, she was looking so naked- I haven’t seen her so bare.

I am super sorry to everyone that I turned down for the fall and winter season, and maybe we still will have the chance to work together!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support me! Thanks for your kind words and your referrals and your love! Thanks for letting me do what I love.

So pretty please pass it on! If you or anyone you know is getting married September on, let’s do this! I can’t wait! Thank you SO SO much!



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