So it has been snowing for some hours now. The blizzard is here. Hopefully by now you are safe and sound in your pjs, wrapped up in a cocoon on your couch, warmed by your wine and your fireplace. You have already watched every season of Orange is the New Black and at some point you are going to be flipping through Netflix for something you haven’t already seen.

“What’s Wrong with the World?

Dear Sirs,
I am.
Sincerely yours,
G. K. Chesterton”

Why you need to watch

“I Am”

I believe that whatever is meant for me, won’t miss me, and what misses me was never meant for me. AKA there are no coincidences. Whether it seems to be a blessing or a burden, I think it’s all the same a blessing. A burden is a blessing in disguise. A lesson in disguise.

The other morning I stumbled upon an article on referencing the documentary, “I Am.” I wrote it down, but quickly forgot about it. When I came home from the gym, Netflix was already up. I remembered the article and put on ‘I Am.’ And ‘I AM’ so glad I did. 🙂

Tom Shadyac is pretty incredible. It is no surprise, considering his father, Richard Shadyac was the chief executive officer of ALSAC, the fundraising organization of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Big hearts must run in that family. If you aren’t familiar with who Tom even is, (pre documentary) he is the shadow behind ‘Ace Ventura’, ‘The Nutty Professor’, ‘Liar Liar’, and ‘Bruce Almighty.’ AKA he wrote and directed all of these films. You learn in the documentary that Tom basically woke up one morning and realized, though he was surrounded by all of the possessions and money he could ever want, or thought he could ever want, or ‘should’ want- he wasn’t any more happy than he was before he had them. He explains that it’s all crap. He goes from seven acres of land with three homes and flying private, to a mobile home community and riding his bike to work. By choice.

His story is extremely inspiring. For me, and I think for many, it is very relatable. Maybe not necessarily on such a large scale. I certainly am not living any sort of lavish life in terms of material possessions or private jets, and I am certainly not suffering from anything that is making me look death in the eyes. You will see through his experience, that looking death in the eyes, really shows you what does and what doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life. I assume it forces you to become extremely honest with yourself. The kind of honesty that will take you to your core as a human being.

You learn in the documentary that sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature. Not war, not competition. It’s not selfishness, it’s selflessness. Charles Darwin wrote in his ‘The Descent of Man’ that “the basis of nature is cooperation and democracy.” When you look at all other species on this planet, you watch them live in a democracy. They care about the well being of each other.  It is their instinct.  None of them take more than what they need. This documentary begs the question, why are we the only species that do the opposite?

“It is love that will save our world.” -MLK

I loved this documentary for showing how the spiritual world and the scientific world meet up. For anyone questioning the power of the universe, I think it would turn out your skepticism. In case you didn’t know, I am extremely fascinated by the universe and the power of love and spirit. So, to see and learn that a lot of it can in fact be scientifically proven, is pretty incredible to me. Learning that we are hardwired to connect to community and to serve others instinctively, has given me hope for people who don’t wake up and choose love. It gives me hope for people who battle addiction and people who battle their ego. It’s the power of one. It’s the realization that simple acts of kindness, no matter how small, make a greater impact than we know or realize. You maybe cannot feed the world, but you can feed someone.

By helping someone, you are helping the world.

If every single person on this earth woke up tomorrow and did one small act of kindness, I can only imagine what would happen to the earth’s energy frequency. I don’t lose faith in man kind, because if you look back at the past and see how historical evils have been overcome and resolved, it is always with love. It is always with the power of one, the power of community, the power of sympathy and empathy. That which has been done, can be done again, if you believe it. It requires no fundamental leap in human evolution. It only requires the ability to imagine what is possible. The power of the universe.

I really loved the way this documentary made me feel, during it and after it. So while you are snowed in tonight and tomorrow, watch it. You will get something out of it that sticks with you. I hope it inspires you to smile at a stranger or to stop and just say thank you. 


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