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Today is #internationaldayofthegirl

Have you ever had someone tell you all of the reasons why you couldn’t achieve your dreams?

Or have someone try to discourage you from even trying?

Doesn’t that feed your motivation to go out and work even harder to achieve them?

Haven’t they really just fueled the fire that you already had lit yourself?

Ok, now imagine that even with all of your dreams and having a fire lit within yourself to work for them, you literally are UNABLE to do anything about going forward with them.

Imagine having to actually listen to the people who tell you that you can’t.

That is my worst nightmare.

For 62 million girls around the world, this is their very real nightmare. 62 million girls around the world don’t have access to education. They have an entire country or culture telling them all of the reasons why they can’t. And they just might be forced to believe them because they see no other way.

They have no other way.

Can you imagine?

We have to give them a way.

So many of us don’t stop to appreciate what a gift it is to have education at our fingertips. To not need permission from anyone but ourselves to simply learn. So many of us head to college after high school because we think that is what is next in life.

But have you ever thought about the girl that doesn’t even have the option to explore her options?

When I was in Brazil, I saw so many beautiful young girls who because of their culture and their lack of resources, possibly may never get a chance to do more than just dream. These little girls who are nothing but smiles, don’t yet know the fate they may be faced with if we don’t do something to ensure a world free of discrimination for young women and girls.

On Sunday November 22nd I am running the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Half marathon with Team Girl Up.

We are running for 62 million girls.

Along with my pledge to run for girls all over the world, I need to raise $750 for race day.

So friends and family, I am asking you to PLEASE help! By going to my fundraising page you can donate any amount you would like, every bit counts!

$13 supplies books, a uniform, and school supplies. While $85 can give her the tools she needs for an entire year.

Beyond awareness we can “equip girls with knowledge, skills, resources and power to determine their own path in life.”

I appreciate it more than you know! Do it for the girls! I know when I am running I will think of some of my favorite little Brazilian faces that touched my life and my heart! They deserve to learn!

It’s amazing what  general awareness of  things that are going on globally will do to change the way you look at and live your own life. Not only will I run for 62 million girls, I go to school everyday and work hard for 62 million girls. I do my best for the girls who aren’t even allowed to try, they aren’t even given the option to fail, they are given it as a sentence. Realizing this, I am motivated every single day, to keep chasing my dreams and to be grateful for the opportunities I have been blessed with.

Help me help them to receive these opportunities so they can chase their drea
ms too!  Safely, free of violence and discrimination!  

Thank you so so much

Sending you lots of love


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