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The War on Eyebrows

Eyebrow /ˈīˌbrou/ noun: The strip of hair growing on the ridge above a person’s eye socket.

 Your brows need more love than this dictionary definition is giving them!  

My definition- Eyebrow /ˈīˌbrou/  noun: The strip of hair that grows or maybe doesn’t grow, on the ridge above a person’s eye.  Has the power to make or break your look and your day.  Frames the windows to the soul.  

There is so much more to brows than being a strip of hair that grows above your eye socket.  If your MUA doesn’t agree, well….

Out of all of the things that one can do with makeup, from shadows, liners, lashes, highlighting, contouring…it’s the filling in of brows that I see butchered, frequently and terribly.  Poorly done brows seem to be the butt of all makeup jokes on social media.  And it’s hilarious.  I picked some of my personal favorites to share with you.

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It’s all fun and games until you look at one of those pictures and realize, YOU are THAT girl.  Girl, don’t be that girl.  It’s not too late to change.  You can try to come back from this.  Maybe you can still redeem yourself.  There’s hope.  

Not everyone has the brows that they wish they had naturally and that is why there are brow pencils, shadows, gels, pomades, etc.  But, I would like to say, for all of the mothers out there with daughters, or all of the older sisters of the world, the war on eyebrows is real.  We as women need to educate our little ladies on the importance of NOT waxing, tweezing, or shaving off all of their eyebrow hair.  If I could go back to the day that I first picked up those tweezers and tell my 12 year old self, “NO. SARAH STOP!  IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!”  I gladly would.  

Conquering The War on Brows

1.  Avoidance 

The first step of conquering the war on brows is, prevention. AVOIDANCE.  Stoppage.  Can you tell I love the thesaurus?  Bad brows can be prevented.  Whether that means bad natural brows, or bad filled in brows.  Like I said, we gotta start ’em young.  Don’t let these girls butcher their brows, or they could end up like me, forever having to fill them in.  

2.  Use a Professional

To prevent bad brows from occurring on the ridge above your eye socket,  use a pro!  Once you have prevented yourself, your daughter, your sister, your cousin, your friend, whomever, from butchering their eyebrows, take them to a pro.  A pro meaning, someone who SPECIALIZES in eyebrow shaping and grooming.  This is key to a life of happy brows.

 3.  Education

The third step of conquering the war on brows is education.  Like I said earlier, it is our duty as women to educate our mini me’s, ourselves, and our friends, on proper brow game.  You or someone you love does not want to end up on one of those Instagram memes.  Once brows are properly groomed and shaped, show them some more love by learning how to properly enhance them.  Every brow is different.  Some people need just a brow gel, some like to conceal underneath for a sharper look, and some are like me, who use a pen, a pencil, and sometimes concealer, too!  It all depends on the desired look, current shape, and time you want to dedicate to your furry friends that live above your eye socket.  And, hey, maybe you are done after step 2, and once properly groomed and shaped, you are satisfied and looking good.  No enhancements necessary!

4.  Buy a Spoolie Brush

Just do it.  It could’ve maybe saved some of those girls in the Instagram memes.  A spoolie will be your eye brows best friend.  A spoolie will allow you to blend, lighten and comb your brows into looking their best. Went a little crazy with the eyebrow pencil?  Wiggle a spoolie through them.  Ta-da! 

5. Practice

Last, but certainly not least, practice.  Not only do I mean practice filling in your brows, but I also mean practice the habit of getting them shaped and groomed regularly.  

If you have already broken all of the rules on conquering the war on brows, there could still be hope for you.  Let those brows grow back.  It will take time and lots of patience, but whatever you do, don’t pick up those tweezers!  Also, there are tons of products out there similar to Latisse, for brows, that will help you grow your friends back.  Patience, my friend.  

Whether we are talking everyday brows, bridal makeup brows, or no makeup brows, care for the brows!  Don’t let me catch you on an Instagram meme looking crazy.  The moral of the story is, “don’t let anyone with bad brows tell you shit about life.”  Better yet, don’t let anyone with no brow game, touch your brows!   


Next up:  We all know how I feel about false lashes.  Next week I will touch on another favorite lash enhancing option!

xo Sarah Paira

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