What Happened When I Didn’t Eat for 5 Days

I’m going to cut right to the chase. This cleanse is bomb. I’m addicted. I am going to consider myself a juicer. In fact, today (Sunday) was suppose to be my last day since I originally planned on doing 3 days.  After the first day, I loved it so much, I decided to do 5 days. Honestly, if I wasn’t going to Vegas on Thursday and I was made of money, I would do the 10 day. I can’t believe I am actually speaking these words. I’ve already decided to do the 10 day next and to do the Excavation level because, SURPRISE, I LOVE THE GREEN JUICE! And 4 of the 6 juices in Excavation are the Green juice. I am feeling so good that I am actually kind of depressed that I’m going to go to Vegas and drink. WHO AM I?! Sorry Vegas girls, please don’t sue me!

I never mentioned the costs of this in my first post, so I apologize. The BluePrint Cleanse is definitely not cheap. I am use to spending about $50-$70 a week on groceries. This came out to be about $40 a day for me. You can order the cleanse online through them and pay shipping and full price OR you can go to Whole Foods or Wegmans. I got my juices on sale at Whole Foods thankfully. They were about $3 off a bottle, which was awesome. Honestly the way I feel is worth every damn penny.

Day 1
On day 1 I woke up at 5:30 and went to a body pump class at 6:00. I decided not to have a juice before hand because I never eat before my morning work out. So, after an hour of full body pumping, I popped open my first juice, the Green juice. I wasn’t that nervous about the taste, but I had read that a lot of people hated it and couldn’t get it down. Well I loved that shit!  After that, all of the other juices went down just as smooth and I enjoyed every single one. I drank them about 2-3 hours apart with A LOT of water in between. I was literally peeing like every 15 minutes I think. I even went out to eat with my mom and watched her enjoy 3 glasses of wine and tortellini, while I had nothing. And the best part is, I wasn’t even sad about it. No FOMO kicked in. I felt great.  By the end of the day though I would have to say I didn’t feel any less bloated, but not any more either.

Day 2
On day 2 when I woke up, I could immediately FEEL the difference in my stomach. It was like my ab muscles had been awoken. I for sure looked less bloated too, so I jumped on the scale and was happy to see I dropped 3 lbs. I had a wedding to do in the morning, so I packed my first 2 juices in a soft cooler. It was on this day that I had already decided to do more days. I honestly couldn’t and still can’t believe how easy and enjoyable this is for me. I drank my juices a little further apart on day 2 only because I was running around all day, but I was fine. At this point not once had I been tired, felt light headed, no negatives. My girlfriend had cautioned me on working out and suggested I take it easy, but I couldn’t take it easy the weekend before Vegas. Plus, like I said, I felt great. So that night I went for a 6 mile run. I felt great. It was actually one of the greatest runs I have had in awhile. Between my body feeling so great, the amazingly perfect weather, I was running on clouds. I honestly think my last mile I was smiling the entire time. Juicing + running high = perfection. Again, I never felt light headed or sick. I have not felt starved or depleted. This was when my abs started to poke through and I couldn’t have even pushed my stomach out if I tried. I was quite the happy girl. The only thing that I guess I messed up on, was not finishing my last juice before falling asleep for the night. But if that’s any indication of how not starved you are, I don’t know what is.

Day 3
I woke up to see that I had lost 6 lbs. Should have seen me flexing these abs out in the mirror, I was so happy to see them again. I felt even lighter and leaner. I ran for 40 minutes in the morning and since I didn’t wake up as early as I had the last 2 days, I didn’t start my juice until 10 am. After my run and my first juice, I went to an hour of body pump. Body pump is a group class that you actually will perform 800 reps in. Compared to your standard gym workout, it is more than 4 times the reps than an average person can achieve alone. So, yes, it is pretty intense. BUT, again, felt great. Was putting up the same weight I always do, did not feel sick or lightheaded or weak.

Day 4
Woke up to see I lost 8 lbs. HYPE! Did an hour of cardio and hit the sauna. Felt awesome.

Day 5
I just finished my last juice of the cleanse. I am so sad about it. I still am feeling great though! I haven’t weighed myself at all today, so we shall see tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I can start back into fruits. I am a little nervous about Thursday and the rest of the week because I will be in Vegas. I am curious to see how my body reacts to solid food in general and to alcohol. I am planning to keep it healthy in Vegas, except for the alcohol of course. I’m not going to lie to myself here. BluePrint says that for post cleanse, “the first 2 days, to fill up on water based foods: cucumber, celery, avocado, seeds and raw nuts. As the days pass, you can slowly incorporate all fruits, veggies, seeds nuts, dairy and lean meats back into your diet.” Soooo yea we shall see what happens to me.

“It is entirely possible that your attitude towards food has changed. That gut busting greasy cheeseburger doesn’t look so delicious anymore, right?”

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this cleanse. The only thing I would change is the price. And even still, I think it has been worth it for me.  To me, I am paying for convenience.  Each green juice contains SIX POUNDS of produce!  Can you imagine what it would cost you to make these yourself?  I believe they offer discounts for those who wish to do this monthly and for large groups who are juicing together.  Again check out their website, www.blueprintcleanse.com

People might think I am crazy for wanting to keep going and maybe not believe me when I say that I don’t want or crave solid food. Maybe I am crazy, but it is really true!  I never thought I would be bummed to eat solid food again! But I really appreciate the mind reset this has given me. This cleanse has exceeded my expectations.

Pre Cleanse

I believe it is really really important to follow BluePrint’s advice for the pre cleanse.  I am sure you won’t get the same results if you wake up after a weekend of drinking and eating pizza and oreos and pop open your first juice.  If you decide you might want to give this cleanse a go, read their website thoroughly.  It is very informative and easy to navigate.  There is a system to it you aren’t really suppose to just drink whichever juices you want in whatever order you want.  So pay attention!

Post Cleanse

Make sure you ease back into foods the way that they suggest.  I am not even there yet as I type this, but I am sure it is very important.  Be sure to read up on that too.

Have Fun!

Here’s my advice to you, future juicer. Have an open mind and a positive attitude! You’re not missing out on anything by not having a glass of wine, or not going out to eat at the new Mexican place that just opened. Stick with what you set out to do. I feel like this has reset not only my body, but my mind. I want to keep going. It is motivation to continue to eat healthy or even healthier. I appreciate the fact that it has helped me not raid my kitchen late night. So, hopefully that habit is breaking for me. Enjoy it! Because it is enjoyable. The way you will feel is better than any glass of whiskey I have ever had. And let me tell you, that’s saying something!



I am not starving.

I am not crapping myself. Nothing has really changed for me in this department. Only improvements really.  The only bathroom dance I am doing frequently is peeing like a race horse.

I have tons of energy.

My workouts are even better.

I can’t wait to do this again.

I don’t look pregnant anymore.

I still in fact had abs hiding under the peanut butter, guac, and hummus baby.

So far, I have gotten quite a good amount of people to also try this cleanse!  BluePrint should be paying me for this.  Or at least giving me some discounts!  I would really really love to know how you liked it and your experience with it! Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you! I hope you love it as much as me!


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