Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of makeup do you use?

A: I mainly use MAC Cosmetics in my kit.

Q: Will my makeup last all day and all night?

A:  Yes.  I use primers for everything as well as long wearing products with 15 hour plus wear.  I am often told by my brides that they wake up with their face still on for breakfast! (Not that i recommend this  😉 )

Q: I am getting married on a holiday, will you be available?

A:  With enough notice, yes.  My pricing will increase and depend on circumstance. Please contact me for further information!

Q: I have a wedding party of 8 + girls and we need to be ready early.  Is this doable for you?

A: Yes! Depending on allotted time I can always have other artists whom I trust and respect, work with me.

Q: How far in advance should I book you?

A:  ASAP! I would say 6-18 months to be sure I can accommodate you.  First come, first serve!

Q: Do you travel outside of Philly?

A:  YES!  I love to travel outside of the Philly area.  NY, NJ, DE, MD, wherever!  Prices will change accordingly.  Contact me and we can go from there!

Q: Do you have any recommendations for a hair stylist for my wedding?

A:  YES!  Contact Steph Kraynak,

If you have any questions regarding services & prices please look to my services section.  If you have any further questions please visit my contact page for the best way to get in touch with me!


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